Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Revival and Restoration

There is little that compares to the beauty of hardwood flooring. Whether the flooring is original or one has decided to pull the carpeting to unveil and restore the hardwood that lies beneath, the hardwood can gain or restore luster. Hardwood is beneficial as it can be refinished many times throughout the years achieving a fresh, vibrant look.

If you have Toronto hardwood flooring, sanding and refinishing your flooring is the best way to bring the polish back to your hardwood bringing it back to its original form. This is a process well worth the time and investment.

You may consider tackling the hardwood flooring process yourself or hire a seasoned professional. To make the best decision, there are a few factors to take into consideration. One of the factors to consider if potentially redoing the flooring yourself is whether you have evaluated what is needed to go forward and are confident you can meet all the requirements. Then comes the question of whether you can take on a big challenge as this takes at least a week or so. You should also take into consideration that the machine itself weighs over 100 pounds and there is a loud noise factor.

Consulting a specialist can be a wise, viable option. First off, a hardwood flooring specialist has the expertise in knowing whether the floor is hardwood or laminate. Once it is determined the flooring is hardwood, the specialist would identify the types of wood, know the properties of the types of wood and have the ability to transform the wood into high-quality flooring. Specializing in this field would require basic carpentry skills and the ability to ensure the structural properties of the floor. The specialist should also have knowledge of softwoods along with hardwoods. The specialist would need expertise in matching and blending wood stain and the ability to finish unfinished flooring as well as replace necessary planks.

Whichever route you choose, once the final steps of applying new stain and topcoat are performed, your flooring will be as good as new.