Legality of Medical Marijuana

One of the most interesting things about medical marijuana and the many states in the United States that allow for it, is the fact that the system is essentially being completely taken advantage of. While there is no disputing the fact that medical marijuana is helping millions of people with their diseases, ailments and conditions, the majority of people who have medical marijuana cards are simply using marijuana for recreational purposes. While most people believe that this is completely fine and harmless, as many states are legalizing the plant for purely recreational purposes, there are plenty of states that are simply selling medical cannabis cards to patients, who don't really need the plant for medical purposes. The reason that this should be discussed is the fact that marijuana is not going anywhere, it clearly does not cause harm on a large scale and based on the fact that the system is being abused completely, there should be some consideration for making medical marijuana federally legal. While marijuana is still considered to be a schedule 1 drug, meaning that in the eyes of the federal government, it serves no medical value, the states almost uniformly agree otherwise.

Massive amounts of studies have shown the huge amount of medical use of marijuana, which is why the federal government needs to approve medical marijuana Toronto Ontario. If this were the case, there would be no more cannabis dispensaries getting raided, which has become a huge problem. There would be the ability for kids that have seizures and other conditions, leaving them completely debilitated, to get the medical marijuana they need, regardless of the city or state that they live in. Rather than dealing with all the problems that have come as a result of the states and federal government being on different pages, it would be far easier to simply make medical cannabis legal and available on a federal level. While it may have seemed far away from being a possibility several years ago, more and more states are legalizing recreational use of the plant and many more are approving medical cannabis, so it appears there will be a good chance at approving medical cannabis federally in the next few years.