Indoor Navigation Saves Steps and Worry

Soon, people will be choosing where to shop based on whether or not the store has indoor navigation. This system uses radio waves, magnetic fields and information collected by mobile devices to locate people or things within a building. Naturally, technology like this spreads quickly because it can be an actual help in daily life just by saving extra time in a place because you can't find someone and don't even know where to look for them.

How Dependable Is This Technology?

The market is already crowded with indoor navigation systems and though technology and technique may differ slightly from one version to another, they all get the same result. By "zeroing" in on a mobile device anywhere in the building, or helping you find your way back to your car, this technology is something we can all take advantage of and appreciate.

Toronto's Fairview Mall Adds Indoor Navigation To Its App

Fairview Mall is the first in Canada to make use of app-based indoor navigation and it has proven very popular with mall patrons. All one needs is a mobile device with the stores app loaded onto it, and the largest of stores are made smaller by shoppers being to able to locate who, or what they need quickly. Interactive 3D maps even show clear walking paths through a crowd, and you can bet with Holiday's coming up, that feature is going to be very popular with Fairview Mall shoppers.

Cadillac Fairview Set To Equip All 20 of Its Malls With This Helpful Technology

Fairview has been such a success with its indoor navigation system that it shouldn't be too long until shoppers can enjoy the same technology at any mall in Canada owned by Cadillac Fairview. Text Digital Concierge has been added to the mix now and this feature is invaluable to anyone faced with the possibility of dozens of stores, knowing what you need is in one of them, but having no idea which one to look in. The Digital Concierge allows direct texting to the mall for help with anything and this is going to be another reason anyone faced with deciding on where to shop is going to choose the place with the most conveniences so they can leave the worry behind and enjoy heir shopping even more.