How CRM Software Benefits Real Estate

A Customer Relationship Management program is used to better organize and use customer information. In the real estate industry, many Canadian companies use CRM software to organize seller leads. In a smaller business you may feel you don't need special software to manage your data, but even the smallest office can benefit from real estate CRM software.

What to Store in a CRM
Many growing real estate firms actually use two or three separate IXACT CRM to manage different aspects of the business. This helps to avoid any confusion while letting you focus on specific goals and perspectives. These three areas of real estate are:

This allows you to store a variety of information on each property, such as closing dates, asking price, square footage, repairs, rents, and so forth. Since new properties are always coming along it's important to retain information on existing properties that might get overlooked in the shuffle. When questions arise concerning a particular property, no matter how long it's been on the market, a CRM will show you all the relevant data with a simple search.

You'll want to keep track of every investment firm you've sold property to in the past. Attaching emails, phone numbers, interests, and other relevant notes gives you a comprehensive profile of each client. Real estate CRM software enables you to scan investors when a new property comes along. Efficient use of contacts often means you're the one closing the deal.

Your real clients are sellers. Keeping track of seller information such as asking prices, locations, home types, and mortgage amounts grows quickly in a busy market. Organizing this information helps you match the best properties to the right buyer more easily. Even if a seller won't work with you, they might change their mind later. The advantages of your real estate CRM software can actually help Canadian sellers get the best price and quickest sale.

For any realtor expecting to scale up the business or just improve office efficiency, real estate CRM software will be a valuable tool. In an increasingly digital age CRM software should be your starting point and guide, not clumsy spreadsheets or binders.