Magnesium Chloride – Not Just A De-Icer But Also A Dust Control Agent

Magnesium Chloride is now widely popular for its de-icing properties. It is sprayed on the roads during winters to prevent ice and snow from accumulating on the ground and when it does accumulate, it helps melt the snow. It’s effectiveness in melting ice and clearing the roads and highways, making the roads safer during harsh weather conditions is something we have all come to know about these days.

However, Magnesium Chloride doesn’t keep the roads safe just by melting ice. It plays an important role in another area as well – Dust Control.

Magnesium Chloride, when applied to the roads, keeps the surface wet. This is because MAG has the tendency to absorb moisture from the air. Due to this, small particles of dust, sand, etc are pinned to the ground and not moving about freely in the air. This prevents us from inhaling these particles which are inherently present in the air we breathe due to pollution. In this way, MAG keeps us safe and healthy.

Magnesium Chloride Suppliers prepare the MAG solution for dust control in a different way than what is sprayed on the roads for keeping the snow at bay.

For dust control, Magnesium Chloride is required in liquid or powdered form. It also has to be highly concentrated for it to work well as a dust control agent. Only if it is highly concentrated, it will be more effective in controlling dust than just applying water on the ground.

Magnesium Chloride is a popular dust control agent because it is inexpensive and easily affordable when compared to the other dust control agents. It is also environmentally friendly and increases the integrity of the road. It is less corrosive and does not cause frequent damages to the road and thus, does not require additional maintenance. Also, it stays for a longer period and requires re-application only once or twice a year. Once it is applied properly, magnesium chloride stays on the surface and does its job for around 4-6 months.

Not just roads, but everyone can make use of Magnesium Chloride to keep their living environment clean. Nurseries and playgrounds where little kids play often can use magnesium chloride to keep the kids from inhaling the dust. Large manufacturing companies, places where construction work is being done, parking lots with a lot of gravel can make use of magnesium chloride to control the dusts. When roads are being laid, applying magnesium chloride on the unpaved roads can significantly reduce the amount of dust that the workers will inhale.

Magnesium Chloride offers a lot of benefits to the environment. It is an environmentally safe solution which does not cause harm to the living things around. Making use of it to our maximum benefit ensures a healthy, safe and comparatively clean environment.