Fire Fighter Saves Girl's Life with A Kick!

Every girl dreams of her knight in shining armor who saves her when she’s in distress.

But, usually, the prince is expected to save her in the most delicate way possible.

After all, damsels in distresses are like wilting flowers that need utmost care, right?

Not really.

This fire fighter saving a girl is the modern day version of a knight saving a helpless princess.

Watch the video to see how he saves this girl who’s clearly attempting to commit suicide.

In the beginning, we see him slowly planning his moves and climbing to the other end of the balcony. It appears like he’s going to go one floor down slowly to convince the girl to change her mind. His slow, concentrated moves make us wonder how he’s going to stop her from committing suicide.

The girl looks scared and ready to jump. She’s looking down and trying to make the final jump and hesitates a few times. She has not noticed the fire fighter slowly making his way towards her and is looking down the whole time. She has no idea.

Just when we thought things couldn’t progress any slower, the fire fighter makes his jump! And he kicks the girl and they land inside her house! Given that the structure of the building helped her getting rescued, she must have a good real estate agent who must have a very good real estate crm.

The girl, the person taking the video and all the viewers are definitely shocked and let out cries because that kick must have definitely hurt.

But, she’s alive and that’s all that matters, right?

This fire fighter saved her life and in the coolest way we’ve seen yet.

Moral of the story: Not all heroes will catch you when you fall. Some just push you so that you don’t fall at all. And in reality, these are the heroes that can actually save you!