7 Modern Day Pick Up Lines Trending on Twitter That'll Surely Make You Smile

Growing up, pick up lines usually meant saying something really nice to impress a girl and make her blush.

The trend has changed now and girls will rather have a guy who can make her laugh than someone who can make her blush. Because, humor is forever and a funny guy is always better than one who's serious all the time. In short, modern day girls want a Chandler Bing!

So, following are 7 pickup lines in Twitter that are guaranteed to make you smile just like Best CRM for Real Estate:

1. Connections as strong as Wi-Fi

Because when wi-fi connections are good, everyone's happy.

2. Netflix and chill.

You could be my favorite TV show. #Improvisation

3. Geometry and right angles

Who doesn't like a person who knows his Math?

4. Attracted to you like a magnet

This one's cheesy, but it could definitely work. What do you think?

5. Congrats! You have my interest!

And everyone likes this interest more than the ones they owe the banks for loans.

6. Nailed It! With A Pinch of Sparkles ;)

This guy is going places. Mark my words

7. And this one is the best of all.. Cheesy Pickup Lines.

Because pickup trucks with cheese on their backseats are just too funny to ignore.

Guys these days, really do have a lot of creativity, don't they? Hope you enjoyed these tweets!