DNS Tunneling: How To Protect Yourself For This Security Attack?

Digital expansion and interconnection is an intricate part of our modern lives. Back in 1995, only 1% of the globe was connected via the internet. Today that number stands at around 40%, and it is only set to increase. Homes, schools and companies are all becoming progressively reliant on network services. Being cut off from the internet is usually part of our worst nightmares.

An integral part of any network is its DNS. Where an IP address is a virtual signature that identifies your physical device, DNS is used to identify the domain of the host site. It acts as the name of a network and, provides identity for access, like a phonebook. Thus, effectively managing a network consists of implanting robust DNS security measures such that risk of breach is minimal.

Domain Name System
Domain Name System (DNS) is the most fundamental technology of networking. It is the oldest protocol and hence lacks security by design. Since the inception of the internet, DNS has remained the standard in information share and access online. However, since network administrators often neglect to tighten security around this protocol, it is a popular point for security breaches. Hackers exploit this vulnerability to siphon data off a network without a company’s knowledge. A popular method to do this is DNS Tunneling.

What is DNS Tunneling?
DNS tunneling is the capability of encoding data of programs or protocols in DNS queries. DNS tunneling was originally designed as an innovative way to bypass the problem of captive portals at the network edge. However, it soon became a popular method for data infiltration and ex-filtration.

The vulnerabilities of DNS lie in the query/reply nature. How this works is that each message contains a header and four sections of variable in length. Out of these, two sections - the names section and the UDP messages section - can be used to encode data. Traditional security measures fail to recognize this as a breach and the data is formatted as a query for data that is returned to a name server set up in advance by the hacker.

How to Implement Safety Measures?
Safeguarding against DNS-based attacks requires a level of security that is not often included with the general-purpose security tools. Thus while setting up network security, organizations must keep the following points in mind:
• The security software should be designed such that it can identify attacks via preconfigured toolkits as well as more sophisticated data ex filtration methods.
• The software should be able to blacklist addresses known to be used for data exfiltration. This list must be updated periodically.
• The system should be automated. Human monitoring of the network is less efficient and prone to errors. DNS protection software must deliver real-time analytics based on close monitoring of the network and examining DNS queries to detect abnormal patterns.
• DNS protection systems must be able to automatically terminate malicious queries and thwart the execution of malware contained in DNS communication. The result is the successful prevention of information theft and data exfiltration activities.

DNS protection is a challenge that can be properly addressed by current technology and available software. When implementing a network, businesses should analyze their security level and employ proper DNS and IP Address Management tools in order to safeguard their data from third party servers with nefarious intentions. By adopting adept tools and remaining vigilant, corporations can remain sure of their data’s safe status.

Magnesium Chloride – Not Just A De-Icer But Also A Dust Control Agent

Magnesium Chloride is now widely popular for its de-icing properties. It is sprayed on the roads during winters to prevent ice and snow from accumulating on the ground and when it does accumulate, it helps melt the snow. It’s effectiveness in melting ice and clearing the roads and highways, making the roads safer during harsh weather conditions is something we have all come to know about these days.

However, Magnesium Chloride doesn’t keep the roads safe just by melting ice. It plays an important role in another area as well – Dust Control.

Magnesium Chloride, when applied to the roads, keeps the surface wet. This is because MAG has the tendency to absorb moisture from the air. Due to this, small particles of dust, sand, etc are pinned to the ground and not moving about freely in the air. This prevents us from inhaling these particles which are inherently present in the air we breathe due to pollution. In this way, MAG keeps us safe and healthy.

Magnesium Chloride Suppliers prepare the MAG solution for dust control in a different way than what is sprayed on the roads for keeping the snow at bay.

For dust control, Magnesium Chloride is required in liquid or powdered form. It also has to be highly concentrated for it to work well as a dust control agent. Only if it is highly concentrated, it will be more effective in controlling dust than just applying water on the ground.

Magnesium Chloride is a popular dust control agent because it is inexpensive and easily affordable when compared to the other dust control agents. It is also environmentally friendly and increases the integrity of the road. It is less corrosive and does not cause frequent damages to the road and thus, does not require additional maintenance. Also, it stays for a longer period and requires re-application only once or twice a year. Once it is applied properly, magnesium chloride stays on the surface and does its job for around 4-6 months.

Not just roads, but everyone can make use of Magnesium Chloride to keep their living environment clean. Nurseries and playgrounds where little kids play often can use magnesium chloride to keep the kids from inhaling the dust. Large manufacturing companies, places where construction work is being done, parking lots with a lot of gravel can make use of magnesium chloride to control the dusts. When roads are being laid, applying magnesium chloride on the unpaved roads can significantly reduce the amount of dust that the workers will inhale.

Magnesium Chloride offers a lot of benefits to the environment. It is an environmentally safe solution which does not cause harm to the living things around. Making use of it to our maximum benefit ensures a healthy, safe and comparatively clean environment.

Lagging Behind Your Real Estate Targets? Ever Thought of Integrating CRM Software with Your Business?

Having trouble in keeping pace with the market flow? Need something to boost up your business? All you need is a Real Estate CRM software. A business is started with dreams, led by passion and driven by hard work. You can’t let your insecurities get the better of you. This is a cruel world, and you have to fight tooth and nail to get the flow going. Customers are the most important part of your real estate business, and what better way to handle them than a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software? A dedicated software for keeping records of all your customers. Handling your customers can be now made easy by an ideal Real Estate CRM Software.

Let’s see how:


Dealing with all your contacts is a tedious task. Not to worry! You can count on your CRM software to manage all your contacts. Apart from keeping your contacts at one place, it also keeps all your transactions with your customers on record. Add to that a cloud storage solely dedicated to storing all the data of the CRM software! Allows you to use it anywhere and anytime as per requirement. If your company is small and you think that CRM would be costlier, think over it again. A CRM comes at an affordable price, allowing even the small real estate businessmen to enjoy its benefits.

How Does It Help Your Business?

The tricky thing with Real Estate business is its customers. People don’t buy properties every day, which makes it tough to keep in touch with the same customer. The chance of the same customer coming back to you becomes less in this case. You would not want to lose your grasp on the market. A CRM monitors your relationship with the customers. It stores the database and keeps reminding you of your old customers. There are a lot of more positive reasons to get CRM Software

- The UI (User Interface): The user interface of an ideal CRM software is quite useful and gives the feel of a social platform for Real Estate Businessmen.

- Improves Your Impression: When a customer interacts with you through a CRM software. He/she gets a tech-savvy image of your company, which is a good thing nowadays.

- Customization: It allows you to customize your services according to your perspective, which would allow you to work the way you want to.

- Enhanced Efficiency: Now that you are able to deal with your customers online, you would be able to reply to their queries faster, thus enhancing your efficiency.

- Dealing with more number of customers in less time! A real time-saver. You can increase the scope of your business now that you have a wider reach.

- It acts as a personal assistant to you, constantly reminding you of your meetings, upcoming events, and make you aware of various facts related to the Real Estate world. Once again, saving your time! You can set all your fixed dates and appointments and it would remind you of all those events.

- It constantly keeps giving you feedback of your business and you can check whether your business is on the right track. Knowing about your mistakes stops you from committing them again.

If you have never thought of integrating CRM software with your business, this is the time to get started with it. Accomplish your goals, live your dreams, work hard, and success will be yours one day!

5 Ways IP Address Management Software Makes Your Life Easier

We currently live in a world that is heavily connected by the world wide web. Around 40% of the world has an internet connection today, a sharp increase from the mere 1% in 1995. Offices and business are increasingly reliant on internet services to handle their requests. The need for network enabled devices is felt everywhere.

IP addresses are a vital part of any network, and businesses are consuming them faster than ever before. Overlooking the importance of effectively managing your IP addresses can open your network to the risk of security breaches. To prevent this scenario, a large number of companies choose to employ IP address management software.

What is IP Management Software?
IP address management (IPAM) is a tool that can plan, track and manage the IP (Internet Protocol) address used by an organization in their network. Additional functionalities include controlling reservations in DHCP as well as other data aggregation.Newer services like VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and mobile networks increase the requirements of IP address assignments. Management needs robust allocation, classification, and tracking of addresses. Here are few more reasons as to why having IPAM is crucial.

Faster Access to Network Information
IPAM automatically manages monitoring of critical assets, tracks network outages and resolves conflicts. System administrators can find faults faster and hence lessen the risk of security breach by malicious entities. IPAM compiles and sends detailed reports to admins which consist of information on relevant parameters and session activity making it easy for them to detect unauthorized activity.

Enhanced Network Security
Data compiled by IPAM include list of the IP addresses being used, the devices assigned to them, and the time of space allocation.This enables administrators or security officers to identify potential network abuse or security breaches by foreign agents or, even, internal users. IPAM can also be used to enforce policies.Banning websites that reduce productivity, or which may have not-appropriate-for-work content can be stopped by configuring IPAM. In case of sensitive data, operating system validation can be initiated before a device is granted network access.

Regulatory Compliance
Mandates like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 have laid out strict guidelines for IPAM that necessitate network administrators to monitor and control access to devices in the network. It was enacted by the US Congress to protect investors from the fraudulent accounting activities by corporations.Under this mandate, an organization may be required to produce a detailed log of device activity for specific IPs. IPAM keeps a track of all these data to help business compliance easier.

Prevent IP Address Duplication
Servers are assigned static IP addresses that are usually hardcoded into the configuration. In the absence of IPAM, it may so happen that two devices have been assigned the same IP address. This creates conflict in the network and it may so happen that both of them become unreachable. IPAM prevents such conflicts easily.

Subnet/ IP Address Recovery
Unused IP Addresses must be recycled for a network to function efficiently. However, establishing if a subnet is currently in use is difficult. IPAM can not only find out the information easily, but it can also assist in the aggregation of recovered subnets into larger chunks.

Software based IPAM has been used by large corporations for a long time. Apart from offering a wide array of services, it simplifies the task of data collection and tracking of logs. IPAM can help administrators eradicate network conflicts, track critical resources thus ensuring network security. For a modern network, IPAM is a must.

Retaining a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured for any reason and someone else is at fault, it is imperative that you seek out a personal injury lawyer as soon as you possibly can. In a lot of cases, when someone gets injured by another party, the party that was at fault will try to pay off the injured person. Say, for example, you are riding your bike down the street and a car pulls out and hits you, knocking you off your bike and injuring you. They may offer to cut you a check right on the spot, or pay you in some way. If you find yourself in this position and you do in fact take the money that is offered to you, there is little chance that you are going to be able to win in court. Many times people will take the money they are offered and then realize that they are going to have medical bills, sometimes way after the fact. If they try to bring the case to court, they are not going to win, based on the fact that they essentially ended the process by taking the money.

It is a far better idea to obtain a personal injury lawyer Toronto as soon as you can and let them lead you through the process of going to court. In a case where a person is injured, you literally don't know how big the bills are going to be, if there are going to be medical issues later in life that are a direct result of the injury, or how debilitating the injury may become. All of these things need to be taken into account and your personal injury lawyer will be able to address all of these issues when it comes to going to court. There are a list of damages that need to be paid for, by the party that was responsible for the injury, but if you don't get a proper personal injury lawyer, these things may not be taken into consideration. The best course of action in these types of injury cases is to protect yourself as soon as possible, by retaining a personal injury lawyer.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Revival and Restoration

There is little that compares to the beauty of hardwood flooring. Whether the flooring is original or one has decided to pull the carpeting to unveil and restore the hardwood that lies beneath, the hardwood can gain or restore luster. Hardwood is beneficial as it can be refinished many times throughout the years achieving a fresh, vibrant look.

If you have Toronto hardwood flooring, sanding and refinishing your flooring is the best way to bring the polish back to your hardwood bringing it back to its original form. This is a process well worth the time and investment.

You may consider tackling the hardwood flooring process yourself or hire a seasoned professional. To make the best decision, there are a few factors to take into consideration. One of the factors to consider if potentially redoing the flooring yourself is whether you have evaluated what is needed to go forward and are confident you can meet all the requirements. Then comes the question of whether you can take on a big challenge as this takes at least a week or so. You should also take into consideration that the machine itself weighs over 100 pounds and there is a loud noise factor.

Consulting a specialist can be a wise, viable option. First off, a hardwood flooring specialist has the expertise in knowing whether the floor is hardwood or laminate. Once it is determined the flooring is hardwood, the specialist would identify the types of wood, know the properties of the types of wood and have the ability to transform the wood into high-quality flooring. Specializing in this field would require basic carpentry skills and the ability to ensure the structural properties of the floor. The specialist should also have knowledge of softwoods along with hardwoods. The specialist would need expertise in matching and blending wood stain and the ability to finish unfinished flooring as well as replace necessary planks.

Whichever route you choose, once the final steps of applying new stain and topcoat are performed, your flooring will be as good as new.

Legality of Medical Marijuana

One of the most interesting things about medical marijuana and the many states in the United States that allow for it, is the fact that the system is essentially being completely taken advantage of. While there is no disputing the fact that medical marijuana is helping millions of people with their diseases, ailments and conditions, the majority of people who have medical marijuana cards are simply using marijuana for recreational purposes. While most people believe that this is completely fine and harmless, as many states are legalizing the plant for purely recreational purposes, there are plenty of states that are simply selling medical cannabis cards to patients, who don't really need the plant for medical purposes. The reason that this should be discussed is the fact that marijuana is not going anywhere, it clearly does not cause harm on a large scale and based on the fact that the system is being abused completely, there should be some consideration for making medical marijuana federally legal. While marijuana is still considered to be a schedule 1 drug, meaning that in the eyes of the federal government, it serves no medical value, the states almost uniformly agree otherwise.

Massive amounts of studies have shown the huge amount of medical use of marijuana, which is why the federal government needs to approve medical marijuana Toronto Ontario. If this were the case, there would be no more cannabis dispensaries getting raided, which has become a huge problem. There would be the ability for kids that have seizures and other conditions, leaving them completely debilitated, to get the medical marijuana they need, regardless of the city or state that they live in. Rather than dealing with all the problems that have come as a result of the states and federal government being on different pages, it would be far easier to simply make medical cannabis legal and available on a federal level. While it may have seemed far away from being a possibility several years ago, more and more states are legalizing recreational use of the plant and many more are approving medical cannabis, so it appears there will be a good chance at approving medical cannabis federally in the next few years.

The IP Address Management Software Provides Much in the Way of Intriguing and Specific Reporting

Many web professionals are finding the ip address management software highly useful. One address management software application, makes it possible for the web professional to assure centralized management of the IP address space. It is assistive, in that it allows network engineers, to easily identify whether or not the address is currently available, or possibly not available, within the enterprise system. The IP address management software scans, from time-to-time, a subnet, and consequently, provides the user with the availability status of addresses, located on the Subnet. This is to say: an individual is afforded the opportunity of easily checking whether or not a particular IP is reserved or truly available. The technology provides the user with the ability of accepting multi-subnet inputs. The preceding, is relative, in that it greatly aids the user in scanning the entirety of the network, in order to formally attain the status, as it pertains to an IP Address.

A Summation of a Generalized IP Address Management Solution:

Many features are tied to a solution, relative to IP Address Management. The following features list provides the interested reader with what he or she may expect from this type of technology:

Integration of the Active Directory is Feature One:

A primary feature is that of active integration as to the directory. This feature has many sub-features built into it. This type of feature performs the following tasks for the user of it. It determines if the IP pertains to a computer which is part of the current or active directory. It allows the user to view details of the computer, in the way of last login, created time, GUID, and more. It scans the active directory, on a periodic basis, in order to properly synchronize the data.

A Hierarchical Tree View is Feature Two:

The hierarchical tree view makes it possible for the user to initiate creation of a hierarchical representation of his or her network. In doing so, he or she is able to easily locate his or her subnets. It, further, allows the user to create groups, used in way of usage and location. The user is able to add subnets, underneath location and usage. There is the ability, on the part of the user, to easily drag and drop his or her subnets, from one group to that of another group. He or she is afforded the ability to scan all of the subnets within a particular group.

Administration of the Technology is Feature Three:

There is role-based administration, as it applies to the technology, in order to provide the user with full access. The technician role component allows for read-only accessibility. Switch Details and System Details are provided in addition to Contact Details and there is the ability, supplied to the user, to add customized fields.

End-to-End IP Details is Feature Four:

Details relative to IP Address, DNS Name, Alias Name and MAC Address is provided to the user. An IP History is shown, relative to IP Address allocations. The user is able to perform searches and provide interested parties with detailed reports, among many other interesting features.

In conclusion of the preceding information:

Naturally, such technology, is fairly industrial-strength, as far as integrated features, however, the features, supplied above, and the functionality tied to those features, provides the interested reader with a good sense of what it is the technology of ip address management software is able to do for him or her. It is surprisingly simple to understand; and provides much in the way of practical reporting

Indoor Navigation Saves Steps and Worry

Soon, people will be choosing where to shop based on whether or not the store has indoor navigation. This system uses radio waves, magnetic fields and information collected by mobile devices to locate people or things within a building. Naturally, technology like this spreads quickly because it can be an actual help in daily life just by saving extra time in a place because you can't find someone and don't even know where to look for them.

How Dependable Is This Technology?

The market is already crowded with indoor navigation systems and though technology and technique may differ slightly from one version to another, they all get the same result. By "zeroing" in on a mobile device anywhere in the building, or helping you find your way back to your car, this technology is something we can all take advantage of and appreciate.

Toronto's Fairview Mall Adds Indoor Navigation To Its App

Fairview Mall is the first in Canada to make use of app-based indoor navigation and it has proven very popular with mall patrons. All one needs is a mobile device with the stores app loaded onto it, and the largest of stores are made smaller by shoppers being to able to locate who, or what they need quickly. Interactive 3D maps even show clear walking paths through a crowd, and you can bet with Holiday's coming up, that feature is going to be very popular with Fairview Mall shoppers.

Cadillac Fairview Set To Equip All 20 of Its Malls With This Helpful Technology

Fairview has been such a success with its indoor navigation system that it shouldn't be too long until shoppers can enjoy the same technology at any mall in Canada owned by Cadillac Fairview. Text Digital Concierge has been added to the mix now and this feature is invaluable to anyone faced with the possibility of dozens of stores, knowing what you need is in one of them, but having no idea which one to look in. The Digital Concierge allows direct texting to the mall for help with anything and this is going to be another reason anyone faced with deciding on where to shop is going to choose the place with the most conveniences so they can leave the worry behind and enjoy heir shopping even more.

Information about professional moving services

Relocating, for many, is a hassle and time-consuming; however, a moving company can make your next move easier and hassle-free. There are many services that a professional moving company provides such as packing and unpacking. Packing and unpacking takes a lot of time and requires attention to detail.

Moving protection

Another service that a professional moving company provides is moving protection. In addition, if needed, they will also transport your car or van as part of your move, or on its own. Most importantly, storage facilities are also available to keep your belongings stored away safely while you’re waiting to move or while you’re traveling to your new destination. Other services that make your move go smooth are debris pickup, cleaning services or home theater set-up

Steps to take that help

There are steps you and I can take that will make the moving process go better such as deciding on a moving date. Most movers say that they need to know four to six weeks ahead of time when you want to move. Starting the moving process early will ease frustration and worry and ensure a smoother moving process. Be sure to also ask about valuation insurance. This often is included in the contract.

Search online

To ensure that you get good movers, begin your search online by making a Google search. Check out their experience, reputation and the reviews you see on their website. Also, check your local Better Business Bureau and find out if there are any negative reports. Ask for a free in-home estimate. Then, ask them to come to your home and give you a quote. The last step is choosing a mover. Remember, you want a mover who will pack, drive and unload, as well as provide storage and transport your car. Keep in mind; some movers will lower the cost of the move if you do some of the packing yourself.

To conclude, relocating, for many, is a hassle and time-consuming; however, a moving company can make your next move easier and hassle-free. Find out about professional moving services, get several estimates and then choose a company that will best fit your family’s needs.


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